Future Gardens

Future Gardens was the launch-pad of Phase 1 of the Butterfly World Project in St. Albans. Attracting globally acclaimed designers, the aim of this event was to acknowledge the fragility of our environment while promoting ideas of conservation, sustainability and preservation of green spaces.  Our design, ‘Narratives of Nature’, was based on the concept of foraging and growing your own food and featured many naturally occurring edible plants found amongst UK hedgerows and woodlands.

The design was inspired by the natural environment to provide food in an ecologically sustainable manner. Original poetry written for this theme was interspersed throughout the space, leading visitors on a physical and mental journey of discovery.  Edible plants such as brambles, wild ginger and wild strawberries are featured as they grow in British woodlands and hedgerows. A log wall offers places for mushrooms to grow as well as for invertebrates to find shelter.  Heralding the theme of eating and food foraging, cutlery is scattered at the bottom of dark ponds and provide a graphic quality to the water.  Birch trees create swirls of dappled light which move across the paths, plant borders, and walnut shell mulch.

The garden is open to the public, please visit www.butterflyworldproject.com