Chelsea Flower Show 2016

The Royal Bank of Canada Garden celebrates water not as a commodity but as an entity sacred to humankind. This is a garden intended to inspire visitors with its innovative materials, compelling design and beautiful planting all focused on helping to increase the awareness and appreciation of water.

Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean pine habitat of Jordan, the design has water as its focal point at the heart of the garden. Bright, yet simple, plantings are coupled with bold geometric forms in a muted colour palette to create a mosaic of different shades and textures. Multi-faceted black basalt sculptural features are clustered together like water molecules in patterns historically and globally associated with water.

The planting in our garden illustrates how arid landscapes can have beautiful flora that requires minimal rainfall. It is a dynamic and sculptural garden, with a body of water at its centre, grounded in a symbolic and fundamental geometry. The materials within this garden either represent or originate from those found within one of the most water-short countries in the world.